How You Can Enjoy Safety and Security in Senior Living Communities

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What does your ideal next act look like? If you’re like a lot of adults, you’ve spent so much time thinking about others — colleagues, children, grandchildren, a spouse — that you might have spent very little time thinking about your own best life. It’s time for that to change. 

Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s vital to well-being. And a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle can help nourish your body and mind so that you can give back to the people you love, improve your community, and thrive no matter what your hopes are for the future or what challenges you face. The best senior living communities prioritize a sense of well-being and security, relieving stress so that you can focus on enjoying your next act. 


Senior Living Has Countless Benefits

If you’re known for your independent streak or your adventurous spirit, you might wonder why you would ever consider moving to a senior living community. Yet resident after resident tells us the same thing: Our communities foster a sense of purpose, nurture meaningful connections, and help them live life on their own terms. Most wonder why they didn’t move sooner! 

Secure senior living can bring what seems like countless benefits. Here, we’re looking at the top five:

1. Peace of Mind

Everyone has stress. Many seniors worry about what will happen if they ever need more support or develop a chronic illness. For others, it’s family disputes about caregiving needs or intrusive relatives who think they know what’s best. 

In a Life Plan Community, you’re in the driver’s seat — and you’ll never have to worry about what the future holds because no matter what you need, we’re here to support you. Relieving this worry can restore balance to your relationships, reduce conflict in your family, and free up space in your mind for creative, imaginative pursuits. This peace of mind is one of the top reasons to move to a Life Plan Community

2. Financial Security

Research tells us that 80% of older adults feel financially insecure. Many live on a fixed income, and about 12% live on Social Security alone. No matter your income or budget, surprise expenses are an unwelcome visitor and a potential source of financial distress. 

A life Plan Community offers budget predictability, rolling almost all of your monthly expenses into a single price tag.  

For some residents, a Life Plan Community is even more affordable than living at home. That’s especially likely to be true if you have long-term care insurance or participate in another benefits program that will help fund some of the costs. If you own your own home, selling your home can offer a significant nest egg that funds a Life Plan Community with room left to save, travel or finally sign up for that class you’ve been hoping to take. 

3. Home Security

If you travel abroad on the trip of a lifetime, who watches your home? And how much does it cost? In a Life Plan Community, you simply lock your door and go, confident in the knowledge that your home is safe and secure and that your friends and neighbors will be thrilled to see you when you get home. 

4. Health and Safety

What if you’re in great health, but you live alone? You might wonder what would happen if you ever fell, got sick or otherwise needed emergency support. A Life Plan Community has you covered here too. Trained emergency personnel are available on campus 24/7, so you never again have to worry about what would happen in a medical crisis. Our compassionate staff can check in on you and offer support and companionship when you need it and independence and privacy when you don’t. 

What about physical safety in your home? Fear of crime is a common concern among seniors, especially those who want to lead active lives, go for walks at dusk or dawn, and feel secure as they turn in for the night. A Life Plan Community offers unparalleled safety because your neighbors are people who care about one another and who care about you. Community security measures keep you safe and ensure that it’s never too dark or too late to enjoy the activities you love. 

5. Better Relationships 

Relationships give life meaning. That doesn’t mean they’re always easy. Maybe you worry about relying too heavily on loved ones. Or perhaps you feel that your kids are getting a bit too involved in your life and your decisions. For some, these fears are prospective: concerns about a potential future where they have less independence or where family conflict centers around caregiving. A Life Plan Community restores a sense of balance to relationships by alleviating these concerns. 

You may also find that it’s easier to spend low-stress time together. Meals no longer require planning and preparation, and fun activities require little more than walking outside your door and seeing what’s going on. Life Plan Communities are a favorite hangout of grandkids, family, chosen family and all the people our residents hold dear. Your family and friends are welcome on campus anytime. 

Want to learn more about what sets Life Plan Communities apart? Ready to envision an easier, safer, more enjoyable life? Check out “Why Should I Leave My Home?” to learn more. 

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