Why Should I Leave My Home?

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a
Life Plan Community

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Too many people today think the only way to age is in the family home and are determined to stay there forever — period.

“I don’t need to move, so I’m staying put.” However, senior living communities — or Life Plan Communities as they are often known — such as HumanGood’s, are vibrant and lively, nurturing active living, wellness and, most importantly, independence.

So, what exactly do these communities do for you? Take a look and enjoy being pleasantly surprised.

1. Free yourself of the hassles.

Your idealized image of living at home may turn out to be different from reality.

Sure, it’s cozy and familiar, but what has it done for you lately? What about the new roof you’ll eventually need? The leaky pipe? The ongoing and unpredictable costs of home maintenance? There’s nothing cozy or comforting about home repairs. 

The right senior living community offers maintenance-free living, which includes housekeeping, a gorgeous home, dining options for all tastes and enough fun activities to fill up everyone’s social calendar. Plus, you’ll never again have to coordinate repairs or spend your day thinking about the broken gutter or leaky pipe.

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2. Stop staring at the same four walls.

We don’t like to think about it, but we all know that as we get older, it gets a little more difficult to plan activities you love and get out of the house — even if you’re in great health.

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About a quarter of older adults are socially isolated. Living at home — especially if they’re single or widowed — increases their risk of isolation. 

A Life Plan Community makes it easier to make new connections and find interesting things to do. So much is accessible from your home, so you can be more spontaneous while also reducing the expense that sometimes comes with fun activities. At most senior living communities, the cost is all-inclusive, which means you can enjoy all the good stuff you love without a massive good-stuff price tag.

3. Enjoy a recipe for new adventures.

Do you crave novelty? Do you hope to spend the next chapter of your life doing more of what you love to do and less of what you have to do?

For many older adults, homeownership is a major hurdle to new adventures because there are costs to running a home — not to mention the commitment of making sure your home is maintained while you’re out having a good time. 

Relieved of the stress of homeownership, you can focus on building a life filled with all the things you always hoped you would do. Senior living communities offer plenty of on-campus and off-campus options, from yoga classes and gardening to lecture series and live entertainment. They also provide a safe place to return to after traveling, volunteering or participating in other activities outside of the community.

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4. We’ve got your back.

It’s your life. Live it exactly how you want.

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Life Plan Communities offer a range of supportive options to help you as you age. Because of this, you can remain independent longer, even if you experience health challenges. 

Even for young and healthy seniors, community living offers significant peace of mind. You’ll always know that, should you require help in a medical emergency or if your needs ever change, you’ll get the necessary support in a familiar environment.

5. No budget surprises — bank on it.

If you’re reviewing your living options, you might worry that senior living — with its fitness centers, classes, stunning homes, delicious meals and other amenities — is outside of your budget. But this is not necessarily the case.

In a Life Plan Community, you can avoid the unexpected expenses that come with owning a home. This predictability can help you plan for the future and free up disposable income for travel, a new business venture and other dreams. For some people, senior living is more affordable than staying at home. 

All-inclusive means you get what you want and need...and you only have to think about doing what you want to do. If you tried to get the same level of lifestyle at your current home, it might easily be more pricey and not nearly as convenient.

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6. Your health is your wealth.

Your body is your home on this earth, and you only get one — treat it well!

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Life Pan Communities make healthy living easy and stress-free. Forget about physical fitness as a chore. In a Life Plan Community, you don’t need a gym membership to stay strong. It’s all right there for you. 

The same goes for your mental and spiritual well-being. A vibrant community of unique people makes it easy and enjoyable to be physically active and to feed your mind and soul with meaningful friendships and activities.

7. Less stress? Yes!

How many more times do you want to clean the same old bathroom? How much of your life are you spending doing things you don’t like?

Whether it’s meeting with the landscaper, calling a plumber, cleaning, doing laundry or preparing meals, it’s easy for chores to eat into most of your day. 

A Life Plan Community means no more cleaning or home maintenance. No more stressing about that home repair you’ve been putting off. Instead, you’ll get to spend this chapter of your life prioritizing the stuff that brings you the most joy.

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8. Expand your social circle.

Life is all about relationships.

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Connecting is crucial. The right Life Plan Community helps you expand your social circle with meaningful connections. When you live in a welcoming community, meeting new people is easier. There’s always something to do and someone to do it with.

9. Eat well, feel well.

Everyone knows diet is crucial to health, but meal prep can quickly feel like a full-time job.

In the right community, you’ll gain easy access to a wide array of perfectly chopped vegetables, fruits and proteins in stock and ready for your next meal.

Are you strict about eating “healthy” foods? Do you enjoy a nice, juicy burger every so often? Do you like to start your Sundays with a stack of pancakes? Life Plan Communities can cater to many palates and dietary needs. Enjoy food you love without all the work, and cook only when doing so makes you happy.

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10. Live life on your terms.

Everyone thrives with more options, more freedom and more opportunities to chart their own course.

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You want to be the architect of your own future, right? That way you don’t have to rely on anyone else to make decisions for you. 

A Life Plan Community truly empowers you to live life however you see fit — period. You’ll worry less and focus more on what’s important, such as wellness and meaningful connections. Even if you have health challenges — who doesn’t? —  with the right support, your community will support your independence. The right community lets you be you, and you won’t have to rely on family or paid caregivers for help if you ever need it.

Free your mind and check out a Life Plan Community.

No one deserves to let fear control their decisions, so stop fearing what life would be like outside of your current home.

Today’s senior living means living life on your terms. Enjoy the freedom of doing exactly what you want. Love cooking? Keep cooking! Tired of cooking? Enjoy being served. 

The most common thing we hear is that people wish they had moved to a Life Plan Community sooner — that if only they had known what was offered, they would have leaped at the chance. You just might feel the same. So keep an open mind. Explore some Life Plan Communities. Really think about what you want to do every day,  and weigh how well living at your current home is helping you get it. 

You earned the right to do exactly what you want to do, and we’re thrilled to help you explore your options. Welcome to Life Plan Community living. Find a community.

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