How to Make the Move

Moving to a new home can be an opportunity for renewal, a fresh start complete with new friends and opportunities. It also can be filled with emotional challenges and decisions requiring significant work and careful thought.

The first step for many is selling a home. This may not be something you’ve done recently, and the prospect may be intimidating. Moving sometimes requires downsizing, which can be emotionally taxing but also quite freeing as you say goodbye to things you no longer need and make more room for the things you truly value. Finally, the physical act of moving can be exhausting at any age.

Helping Hands

We’ve been helping older adults make the move to senior living communities for nearly 70 years. In that time we’ve mastered the process, and we’ve developed a variety of services to make your move easier every step of the way. Our goal is to make your move as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

How HumanGood Residents Made the Move

Downsizing and moving to a senior living community can be challenging—but a new place can also provide a fresh start. Learn how HumanGood residents made the transition to senior housing.

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“You get to know people from all different careers. Everyone has a story about their life; so the talk around the dining table is so interesting. I am not one who needs a lot of friends, but by coming here I have so many more than I would have had if I lived on my own.”

Carolyn Downey

White Sands La Jolla

“There are two activities I’ve started doing since moving here that I never would have done otherwise. One is watercolors, which I do on a regular basis. The other is a residential band consisting of guitars, a banjo and a harmonica. We meet once a week to make music together and learn new songs. It’s a lot of fun!”

James Chuck

Piedmont Gardens

“Moving here was a great decision. In fact, we wish we’d done it earlier. Don’t wait. If you think you’ll be ‘ready’ to move to a community in 10 years, I would advise you to do it now. You won’t regret it.”

Robert and Sue Heinley


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