When Is The Right Time?

You’re the best judge. Many who consider it see the virtues of community living, but delay moving until they’re “ready.”

If you’re not ready, consider this: The comment we hear most from residents is that they wished they had made the move sooner.

Freedom and Independence

Many who hesitate worry that moving into a community means a loss of freedom and independence. In fact, senior community living offers a lifestyle in which you can focus on what matters most to you. We take care of home maintenance, offer dining and transportation services, and provide health care should you ever need it. Our residents live active, engaged, purposeful lives. That’s true independence.

Maintaining freedom often comes at a cost to those who love us. It can place enormous burdens on family members who sacrifice their own freedom to ensure that we’re not living in isolation, in an unhealthy or even unsafe environment.

Our communities are filled with people enjoying true independence and freedom, served by a team dedicated to their fulfillment and well-being.

The Benefits of Senior Living

Senior Living: The chance to engage in life and meet new people. An increased sense of security.

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I’m just very thankful and happy that I found this place.

Lynell Nelson-Hyman

Redwood Terrace

Don’t wait to move here. I was able to do it on my own terms while I’m still active and able to take advantage of all the opportunities of the community and the neighborhood. I recommend you do
the same.

Sally Houston

Grand Lake Gardens

We were definitely ready to move. Frankly my wife was getting tired of doing yard work and maintaining a pretty large house.

Warren Nelson

The Terraces at Los Altos

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