Fall Prevention Home Design Trends for Accessibility

Seniors are driving home remodels centered around mobility and accessibility.

By HumanGood

From floor to ceiling, today’s homes are being designed—and retrofitted—to accommodate owners as they age. Many older adults are incorporating fall prevention improvements, such as better lighting and nonslip flooring, these modifications offer easier accessibility and increased safety.

According to the American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey for 2016, 64% of firms reported an increase in requests for home accessibility, 49% cited an increase in requests for easier access and 47% noted increasing interest in single-story homes, with 54% noting increased interest in first-floor master bedrooms.

So what kinds of home features are seniors looking for today? View or print this infographic to take a tour of five design trends cropping up in seniors’ homes.

Click to download or print this infographic. 

Senior home designs for accessibility and fall prevention

Fall Prevention: Caregivers Guide to Fall Prevention at Home

Senior living can help individuals overcome the fear of falling.

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