White Sands residents help formerly endangered ospreys take flight

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April 27, 2021 -- For nearly a year, bird lovers and visitors to the pier at Scripps Institution of Oceanography have attempted to steal a glimpse of two of La Jolla’s most recognizable residents – Ozzy and Edna. The ospreys have taken up permanent residence above the pier thanks to a custom stainless-steel platform installed last spring, and recently welcomed their first chick to the waterfront nest.

The nest was the brainchild of White Sands La Jolla resident, Bev Grant, and Art Cooley, who co-founded the Environmental Defense Fund. Grant’s family foundation funded the project and closely coordinated with Greg Rouse, a professor of marine biology at Scripps, who was instrumental in advocating for the initiative.

“We had such a cheerleading squad, from Scripps’ scientists and shop personnel to students at UC San Diego – we were going to get it done,” said Grant, a long-time teacher at Torrey Pines High School.

Recently, a camera was installed near the nest so bird lovers or even those with just a casual interest can watch a 24-hour livestream of the famous family. In addition to Scripps’ Birch Aquarium and other UC San Diego locations, the livestream is displayed in White Sands’ lobby for the enjoyment of all of Grant’s neighbors.

Grant says after the success of the Scripps location, and with the nearest osprey platform some 10 miles away in Del Mar, she hopes to explore the possibility of funding a second La Jolla nest right at her senior living community.

“I think it would be a neat way for residents to have something to look at and look out on,” she said, adding it would be another proactive cause for the environmentally conscious senior living community to support.

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