San Diego Area Senior Living in La Jolla, California

Residents of White Sands take great pride in shaping the life of their community, getting involved in the dozens of committees that touch on every aspect of community life. They’re active participants in the many classes and activities held here, including lectures by local professors, fitness programs and art classes. If you have an interest, there’s an excellent chance we have a group for you.

Meet the Team

Shelly Smart
Executive Director
Michelle Forbes
Director of Sales
David Bland
Executive Chef
Rolleen de la Cruz
Director of Nursing
Lorraine Duran
Director Buildings & Grounds
Judy Glicker
Director of Human Resources/Administrative Services
Pat Guerrero
Director of Hospitality
Nicole Scribner
Fitness Coordinator/Good at Home Supervisor
Vivian Tilley
General Manager, Dining Services
Rachel Bishop
Director of Social Services
Venus Isiderio Jo
Director Wellness Program

Community News

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Media Gallery

A picture’s worth a thousand words (video, maybe more). See the people, places and things that make White Sands such a special place to live.

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We’re HumanGood

White Sands is proud to be a part of the HumanGood family. We believe all older adults should have the opportunity to live their lives with enthusiasm, confidence and security.

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