Valle Verde hosts a herd of goats

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Nearly 100 goats recently took up residence at Valle Verde to improve fire clearance at the community.

The community hosted the herd—provided by Ventura County-based 805 Goats—on campus for about a week to graze on grass, brush and invasive weeds to improve fire clearance at the community. 805 Goats offers the goat grazing services for fire prevention throughout the area.

Goat grazing is considered a more sustainable and ecological way to eliminate invasive plants and noxious weeds, as well as create more defensible space.

“Using goats instead of a brush clearing contractor to create our fire clearance line was truly a best practice,” said Steve Freire, director of facilities and construction. “The goats were more thorough than a contractor and created such an atmosphere of joy and excitement for the community.”

Check out below the enjoyment had by Valle Verde residents watching their four-legged guests hard at work.


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