Resident Joins WWII Veterans on Trip to Washington D.C.

On April 12, former Navy Petty Officer 2 C and The Terraces of Phoenix resident, Carolyn Scott, joined 26 male WWII veterans for a 3-day fast-paced, emotional trip to Washington D.C. The trip was an “Honor Flight,” organized by volunteers. The veterans visited the National Archives, the war memorials, Arlington Cemetery and Ft. McHenry, the site which inspired the writing of our national anthem.

Clad in orange t-shirts, they were recognized and applauded at every stop. Tears all around. A surprise “Mail Call” took place on the plane coming home. Letters from friends and relatives thanked them for their service. Carolyn also received Birthday cards, as that day was her birthday.

As the only woman on the trip, Carolyn was asked the usual question:  “Were you a Navy nurse?” “No,” she replied, “I was a Navy aerial gunnery instructor for four years in Pensacola, Florida.”  The look on the face of the questioner was complete astonishment, and he was soon relaying the info to all his male trippers.

Carolyn joined the Navy after graduating from the University of Arizona.  After the Navy, she earned advanced degrees and worked at Camelback High School where she soon became the first woman Principal in the Phoenix Union High School District.

Carolyn is hoping that veterans at The Terraces will have an opportunity to take part in one of the many “Honor Flight” trips.  A companion “guardian” is required, but all expenses for the veteran are paid.

-Written by Dot Webb, Resident of The Terraces and Friend of Carolyn Scott

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