Piedmont Gardens celebrates 50 years of service

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Residents and team members marked the community’s 50th anniversary with a week of 1969-themed activities and events. That included a garden party, music and required dress code from the era, and building a new time capsule for the next generations to find 50 years later.

The community capped off the week by celebrating World Music Day on June 21 as part of its music program. Every Tuesday evening, renowned jazz, folk or classical artists entertain a packed house with performance for our residents and guests.

“We’re very incredibly blessed,” said Louis Weil, a resident at Piedmont Gardens the last 18 months and a lifetime music lover.

Check out below the week of fun events and activities.

  • Two women wearing tie-dye hold up a cocktail.
  • A smiling group of people
  • People mingling in a garden. A sculpture on the buffet table shows
  • Ice sculpture that reads
  • A woman with a microphone speaks to a crowd
  • A smiling group of people wearing tie-dye and bright colors.

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