Local seniors step up their game during pandemic

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September 28, 2020 -- One of the biggest challenges this pandemic has presented people of all ages is how to stay active. Trips to gyms or favorite group classes have largely transformed into in-home, online routines or socially distanced outdoor activities.

At White Sands La Jolla, some residents have quite literally taken this transition in stride. For the second time in recent months, residents are participating in a walking challenge. Steps are counted and miles logged, with participants given medals and the top three performers earning a special prize.

“When we first introduced this idea in May, I was so impressed by the efforts of these residents to stay healthy during our ‘staying close to home’ time,” said Pat Guerrero, the community’s activity director. “They really embraced this challenge and enjoyed some friendly competition with their neighbors.”

In May, 13 residents navigated daily paths throughout the beachfront campus, logging a combined 3.1 million steps, or more than 1,570 miles! These walkers were led by Anita Holmes, who averaged 130,000 steps a week, and more than 521,000 steps for the month, or about 260 miles.

“I do all my errands in La Jolla village on foot,” said Holmes. “I grew up in the east; we walked to school, and I walked to work in New York – I’ve always been a walker.”

Holmes says each resident has a different route throughout campus, but her routine laps around the community’s driveway and takes 75 minutes to complete. She also complements her walking with a 50-minute pool workout.

“I walk early in the morning and late in the day,” she added. “I get to see the team members as they’re coming and going. It’s nice to just say hi, see how they’re doing and give them a smile.”

Read the coverage in the La Jolla Light and La Jolla Patch about our walking challenge!

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