Celebrating Multicultural Day at The Terraces of Los Gatos

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The Terraces of Los Gatos celebrated Multicultural Day throughout the community.

As the keynote speaker for our event, resident Pat Smith shared her experiences with individuals of different backgrounds with the goal to set the tone of appreciation and celebration of our differences. She talked about her own background growing up in West San Jose where she was exposed to little cultural or ethnic diversity. Like many who are unexposed to different cultures, she was raised with a bit of fear of the unknown.

Over the years, Pat and her brother became friends with the Italian neighborhood butcher, Mr. Natoli and Pat befriended her Japanese classmate. With these new found friendships, fears began to disappear.

Bias and prejudice are those pre-conceived opinions usually based on fear and misunderstanding. Like Pat and her family, they can and will change with exposure and willingness to understand.

In coming to live at The Terraces, residents agree to share our space, to live in community, maybe for the first time, with only a wall separating us from our neighbors. And they agree to share our space with our team. 

In the most recent Resident Satisfaction Survey the first question was: 'How often does the staff treat you with courtesy and respect?'

All answered: “Always." Pat finished her speech by inviting everyone to reflect on our diversity. Thank you to everyone who participated in Multicultural Day, and a special thanks to our resident Pat Smith for sharing your experiences.


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