Southern California Senior Living in Irvine, California

Regents Point is known for the engaged, educated nature of its residents. We have former UCI professors, engineers and scientists, artists and politicians. Our residents are active volunteers on campus and in the community at large. They value Regents Point’s location at the heart of one of the nation’s great master-planned communities. And they take advantage of having William R. Mason Regional Park in their backyard.

Meet the Team

Melinda Forney
Executive Director
Aaron Ampula
Social Services, Skilled Nursing
Evelyn Albrechtsen
Andrea Richardson
Activity Coordinator, Assisted Living/Memory Support
Corby Beahm
Director of Social Services
Raquel Brantley
Human Resources Director
Rosario Bechelian
Social Services, Assisted Living
Martin Corona
Housekeeping Supervisor, Residential
Ashley Croslin
Assistant Administrator, Resident Services
Pierre Desjardins
Executive Chef
Edward Delfin
Director of Nursing
Lananh Huyen
Sandra Letto
Director of Hospitality
Cindy Fuentes
Nurse Manager, Residential
Sharon Nader
Director of Dining Services
Antonio Olivares
Housekeeping Supervisor, Assisted Living/Skilled Nursing
Jeannette Padilla
Director of Administrative Services
Sheila Weathers
Nurse Manager, Assisted Living
Sean Anderson
Director of Fitness
Deion Doan
IT Technician
Jessica McCluskey
Director of Sales
Joel Lara
Maintenance Supervisor


Virtual Tours

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A picture’s worth a thousand words (video, maybe more). See the people, places and things that make Regents Point such a special place to live.

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We’re HumanGood

Regents Point is proud to be a part of the HumanGood family. We believe all older adults should have the opportunity to live their lives with enthusiasm, confidence and security.

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