Westminster Gardens honors Cesar Chavez

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March 30, 2022 -- On Saturday, March 26 Westminster Gardens hosted an event to celebrate Cesar Chavez Day. Cesar Chavez was an iconic Mexican labor organizer and civil rights activist who dedicated his life to improving the pay and conditions of farm workers.

The city of Duarte has partnered with Westminster Gardens for ten years to create work projects to beautify the campus, while honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez. Projects that have been created include adding rocks along the new garden homes to create a street look consistent with the existing neighborhood; clearing the corner lot of brush and overgrowth; creating a space around the iconic Oak Tree in the corner lot; creating a small labyrinth behind Morrison House; weeding and planting; creating a butterfly garden in the Morrison House courtyard; and adding mulch throughout the campus.

Westminster Gardens’ residents appreciate all of the effort that the volunteers have provided to beautify the campus. The event also includes an annual educational program to help educate the community about the life and work of Cesar Chavez. Some Westminster Gardens’ residents marched with Cesar Chavez in support of his efforts, and the community has been proud to host the grandchildren of Cesar Chavez, who have given talks about their grandfather’s work and legacy, and how it continues today.

The focus of this year’s project was adding mulch throughout the gardens to help beautify the campus and conserve water.

A big “thank you” to the city of Duarte volunteers for their support!

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