Valle Verde Team Member Feature: Postman Miguel Lorca

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miguel-lorca.pngPostman Miguel Lorca has worked at the Post Office in Santa Barbara for 31 years. He said, “I have been coming to Valle Verde first as a substitute and then permanently for 26 years. I deliver mail from San Roque Post Office. I enjoy the people and delivering mail here. One thing that’s interesting in delivering mail during the last years is that the volume of mail has dropped because of internet but the volume of junk mail has increased!”

He continued, “Usually, I work 9 to 10 hours a day because of the volume of mail. I enjoy work because I like outdoors and get a lot of it. I was supervising for a year and a half but didn’t like the job of bureaucracy, so I went back to carrying because I enjoy my job here. I like talking to the people and making them laugh.”

“People here respond to me because I do my job consistently and accurately. They know when I’m not here. They are glad when I’m back because mail is delivered accurately.” “It was hard at first when people on my route passed away, but now I am doing better with coping.”

In his free time, Miguel says he enjoys spending time with his seven grandchildren whose ages range from one to fifteen years old. He concluded, “I just enjoy life, my job, and doing the simple things of life.”

A special thank you to resident, Dorothy Steck for this article.

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