Spring Mill Pointe hosts housewarming event

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June 22, 2023 -- Spring Mill Pointe hosted a housewarming event on June 20 to celebrate the opening of five new one-bedroom apartments. The event was attended by guests including HumanGood board member Allan Griffith; the mayor of Conshohocken, PA; resident council members; corporate sales and marketing; and CSC team members who previously worked in the space.

The housewarming event showcased the newly completed apartments and provided an opportunity for community members to explore the living spaces. Guests had the opportunity to tour the apartments and experience their layout, design, and amenities firsthand. Attendees were able to engage in conversations, share feedback, and express their appreciation for the new living spaces, which promoted a sense of pride and excitement among the various stakeholders.

"The grand opening of the five new one-bedroom apartments filled me with immense pride and gratitude,” said Sara Kelly, executive director. “Witnessing the vibrant gathering of community members, esteemed guests, and passionate stakeholders was truly inspiring. This opening signifies a new era of possibilities, where once again, the vision of Spring Mill Pointe and HumanGood comes to life. The apartments themselves represent much more than mere living spaces; they embody the aspirations and dreams of those who will call them home. The energy and enthusiasm in the room reminded me of the transformative power of a supportive and connected community. This celebration solidified my belief in the importance of creating environments that nurture and uplift individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and joy. The journey to this moment was one of collaboration, dedication, and unwavering commitment, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a place where dreams can flourish, and lasting memories can be made.”

Sara thanked the Bala Foundation for funding the project, and for their steadfast commitment to the mission of Spring Mill Pointe. The mayor's attendance emphasized the local government's recognition of the development and its contribution to the community. Resident council members and team members were thanked for their involvement and participation in the project, as well as the collaborative effort and dedication put forth to make this project a success.

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