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Smart Home Technology Now Available

You’re a progressive-minded planner, and so is the team at Rydal Waters. We know that safety, convenience and comfort are at the top of your home wish list, which is why we are pleased to offer Rydal Waters residents a cutting-edge experience that maximizes in-home comfort and provides even greater peace of mind for short and long trips away from home.

Here, you can live safe, secure and comfortable with smart home technology.

Rydal Waters Smart Home Package Features

When you choose to go with a smart home package, you gain access to:

  • High-speed whole-home Wi-Fi access via eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi. Enjoy high-speed internet in your house, and get the best connection to everything and everyone outside of it.
  • Smart thermostat and remote sensors via ecobee. With energy savings and temperature comfort, you no longer need to sacrifice one for the other.
  • Two smart door locks via August Smart Lock Pro. Voice command, remote control and auto-lock features secure your home and belongings so you can lock and leave at a moment’s notice and return keyless.   
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro package. See who’s at your door and communicate with them without having to be at your door—let alone home.
  • Amazon Echo Show and audio package. Your in-home concierge can now play Netflix and other streaming services on its display screen, along with music, in surround sound fashion.
  • Kasa smart home electric system. Turn your home’s electrical devices on or off from anywhere with six plugs and switches. Set schedules, and use an “away mode” to give the impression of activity while you’re out and about.

Training and Installation

If learning new technology makes you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can breathe a bit easier. Our complete installation and training program will set you up for success and ensure you’re ready to fully utilize your new smart home technology easily and effectively.

Call our team at (215) 608-1994 to learn more about these smart home features available only at Rydal Waters.


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