Residents at The Terraces of Los Gatos stay active, cross Golden Gate Bridge

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Terraces of Los Gatos resident enjoys view from Golden Gate Bridge.Staying physically, mentally and socially active is a crucial component to aging well, which is why this past September, a group of Los Gatos team members and residents spent a morning crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Each month, The Terraces of Los Gatos community offers its residents a series of fun and, occasionally, physically demanding activities, one of which is an annual hike across San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This year, the annual event, which started 10 years ago, took place on September 9.

Judy Hackett serves as the enrichment coordinator for The Terraces of Los Gatos. When Hackett, who also is very socially and physically active, joined the team three years ago, she was delighted to learn that the community residents are always looking for amusing and engaging activities to participate in, on a regular basis.

“I couldn’t believe that so many residents shared this desire, which included the physically demanding walk across the Golden Gate Bridge,” says Hackett. “For many residents in our community, this is on their bucket list.”

To check this item off their lists, every September, The Terraces of Los Gatos invites its residents to hop on a bus and drive more than an hour to the bridge. Once they arrive, they begin the two-mile trek from the parking lot to the other side of the bridge. The dozen community members who participate—three are over 90—soak up the views, chat and encourage each other along the way. 

Every resident handles the hike in their own style and at their own pace. Some residents aim to complete the hike in 30 minutes, walking briskly with intent, while others enjoy the scenery, using their canes and walkers to assist. “I was going to complete this hike no matter what,” says resident Ed Shaw. “I’m so glad that I did it.”

The group often enjoys lunch at one of the beautiful restaurants along the bay in Sausalito to celebrate their achievement. (The Spinnaker tends to be the favorite spot.)

After this year’s hike, Hackett was pleased to receive a call from another senior living community in neighboring Walnut Creek, located on the east side of the Bay. “After they heard about our most recent trip this September, they called to inform me that their community would welcome the opportunity to join our group on next year’s trip,” says Hackett. “This will be the first time that The Terraces has had friends participate with them and we say, the more the merrier!”

Hackett likes to fill the residents’ schedules with plenty of innovative options throughout the year, including trips to the Pinball Museum, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the California Academy of Sciences. Hackett’s favorite activity (and also the one that tends to get the most participants) is their quarterly fine-dining experience. Four times each year, Hackett will take everyone to an upscale restaurant for dinner. This fall, she took everyone to La Foret, an old-school French restaurant, which was reportedly, ‘très bon.’

Hackett believes creating engaging experiences is very important in aging well and staying healthy. If you’re interested in learning more about the programs offered at The Terraces of Los Gatos, please call (408) 357-1100 or (800) 673-1982.

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