Here’s Chaplain Troy Epps!

An avid fan of late night talk show host Johnny Carson and comedy show Saturday Night Live, Chaplain Troy Epps decided to create his own show for the residents—hoping to generate many smiles and laughs. “Night time with Chaplain Epps” officially debuted in late June, which included an array of musical entertainment, special guests and comedic skits.

“We utilized live entertainment along with some digital segments to put together a show that hopefully produced smiles and laughter,” said Chaplain Epps. “Many of our segments are sure to take you on a trip down memory lane.”

Check out the fun had that evening below:

  • NIght Time Chaplain_1.jpg
  • Night Time Monee1.jpg
  • Night Time Monee2.jpg
  • Night Time at desk_1-1.jpg

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