Fresno’s Husband & Wife Team Find Strength, Inspiration After Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Residents Dwight and Julie Harder have taken an inspiring route when it comes to their health.

Both have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a central nervous system disorder that affects movement and causes tremors. Instead of shying away and retreating, both Dwight and Julie have found a way to turn around the way they view their circumstances and make it positive. They’ve taken things into their own hands and made it their mission to give support to others experiencing the same thing.

It all began when they joined a support group several years back. Seeing how others were also struggling to understand the disease and how to deal with it, they were inspired to help others. They currently host classes and support groups the community.

The Harders came to The Terraces in 2015. Once they were settled in, they used their illnesses as their way to help others. During the past two years, they have shared their story with many and are incredibly excited about it.

To learn more about their story, click here and read the full article from Central California Life Magazine.

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