Chef Herve takes on ‘Top Chef’ challenge

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Chef Herve Blondin put his skills to the test in Rosewood’s own special ‘Top Chef’ competition in celebration of the community’s newly renovated Redwood Building.

With resident Carol Dobbs as his guest sous-chef, Chef Herve faced off against sales counselor Terry Kirkindoll. Resident Twilla Klassen served as sous chef for Kirkindoll. The mystery ingredients were: fig butter, circus peanuts and opo squash. And the winner was Chef Herve!

Discover below the amazing dishes created and the upgrade within the Redwood building.

  • A chef rolling meat in his hands
  • A chef pointing at an orange food in a bowl and frowning.
  • Three women eating at a table.
  • Chef holding two frying pans and tossing food in the air.
  • Chef chopping on a cutting board while and audience looks on.

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