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Enhancing Memory & Improving Brain Health

The biggest area of concern that many families fear is dementia. In this enlightening talk, Kim Bernardi, LCSW is going to share how to recognize early signs of possible dementia and how to adapt lifestyle in order to keep the brain sharp and active.


Aging Well: Stay Healthy, Feel Your Best

What does the body need to thrive throughout your life? Rated amongst the top doctors in 2020 by Philadelphia Magazine, Todd Aaron, M.D. specializes in Internal Medicine and is affiliated with Chestnut Hill Hospital. Dr. Aaron will focus on healthy habits that work.


The Emotional Side of Downsizing

When it comes time to make the move, decisions about possessions become fraught. Marlene Stocks is the owner and president of Senior Transition Services in Montgomery County, and has helpful, peace-giving tips for how to approach gentle downsizing.

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September 1st

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