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HumanGood Connections Video

What is life in a Life Plan Community like? Watch the video to hear from those who know us best: our residents.


Every Day at Noon

Meet Plymouth Village residents C.B. and Peter, who bonded over a shared love of ping pong. Ping pong has kept the friends active, taking them all the way to the Senior Olympics.


At This Time of My Life

Say hello to the older adults who’ve found the freedom to nurture their passions and forge new friendships at Plymouth Village in Redlands, California.


Meet Cathy at The Terraces of San Joaquin Gardens

Cathy lives with joy and purpose every day.


Why I Moved in 2020

What is life like here? It’s the most common question we’re asked. Documentary filmmakers captured our residents’ answers.


Financing Senior Living: Make the Move More Affordable

There is more than one right way to finance senior living. From selling your home to long-term care insurance and other assets, here's how you can afford senior living.


The Levels of Care in Senior Living Communities

CCRCs. Life Plan Communities. Assisted living. Here's what you need to know about levels of care in senior living communities.


Glasses & Classes

Friday happy hour is elevated thanks to a weekly virtual wine tasting at Valle Verde in Santa Barbara, CA.


Joke of the Day

Terraces at Los Altos residents come to Gary’s apartment for the jokes, but they stay for the coffee and connection.


Concert on the Lawn

Rydal Waters resident Fran knew she wanted to help uplift her neighbors. Sharing her musical talent was just the spark everyone needed.

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