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Lifelong Learning: Will Life be Interesting in Retirement?

HumanGood residents describe how they remain engaged, involved and active through lifelong learning.


Modern Family Tree: Amelia & Burt

White Sands La Jolla residents Amelia and Burt talk about making new connections.


Modern Family Tree: Carole

Windsor resident Carole talks about being surrounded by new friends.


Modern Family Tree: Larry & Shirley

Westminster Gardens residents Larry and Shirley describe their senior living community as family.


Age of Discovery: Dave

Regents Point resident Dave talks about focusing on the things that matter.


Age of Discovery: Werner

White Sands La Jolla resident Werner shares the best part of living in a senior living community.


Age of Discovery: Martha

Royal Oaks resident Martha shares why now is the best time of her life.


Financial Reality Check: Doris

Regents Point resident Doris shares how she lives more economically in a senior living community.


Financial Reality Check: Ron & Helen

Westminster Gardens residents Ron and Helen describe how they knew it was time for the move to a senior living community.


Fresh Start: Marlou

Regents Point resident Marlou describes senior living as an opportunity to be yourself.

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