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Janet holding a souvenier Bryce and Ann holding binoculars Danny outdoors

Just Who Lives in
"Those Places?"

The Answers May Surprise You.

Louis wearing bike gear on his bicycle Haren and Pratima smiling at each other Vivian holding a pocket watch

Life Plan Communities don’t offer a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Residents work full time, pick up consulting gigs or relax into retirement. Some join every program. Some do their own thing. They travel abroad or stay close to home, enjoying leisure after a lifetime of business.

There's no right way or wrong way — there's only your way. Still, though, it can be hard to envision what community living really looks like. What do people actually do here? Well, whatever they please. Here’s how some HumanGood residents have chosen to spend their next act.

Janet holding a souvenier

The Adventurers

For those chasing their next adrenaline rush: skydiving, running a marathon, traveling the world or embarking on a new exploration, Life Plan Communities support not only the adventuresome spirit but also the coveted lock-and-leave, maintenance-free lifestyle.

Janet holding up passports

Globetrotting is a way of life for Plymouth Village’s Janet.

Louis in bicycle gear holding a helmet

Cycling 90 miles? Just another week for Louis.

Haren and Pratima smiling at each other

The Activists

If you’re on a mission to make the world a better place, everyday demands can feel like distractions from your deeper mission. Settling into a HumanGood Life Plan Community means doing less of what you need to do and more of what you want to do — now that makes a difference!

Haren and Pratima standing next to each other and holding hands

Haren and Pratima pursue a life of service, bringing health care access to the world.

Bryce and Ann standing next to each other

Bryce and Ann are fighting for change and inspiring action.

Danny standing in a field

The Soloists

Curl up with a good book? Take a thoughtful wander down a walking trail? Dine in privacy? If you derive energy and rejuvenation from quiet time alone, you may wonder if community life is for you. Guess what? You don’t have to join everything — or even anything — to benefit from community life

Danny riding a bike

Danny’s love of nature is now in full bloom.

Vivian holding a laptop

Writing helped Vivian find her voice in a new chapter of life.

senior couple sitting on an outdoor bench with their dog

The Community Builders

Life Plan Communities are microcosms of the greater communities they serve. No matter the individual interests and hobbies of those who join, the whole is typically greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, when you bring diverse yet like-minded people together, there’s no stopping the power of community that’s possible. 

Tom and Mary sitting on patio with instument

Balancing their busy lifestyle is a welcome challenge for Tom and Mary.

Stan and Jackie sitting on a train

Stan and Jackie are revved up with no plans to slow down.

senior woman with small sculpture

The Artists

Every artist needs a muse. And inspiration abounds within the people and places of Life Plan Communities. Art doesn’t thrive under pressure or deadlines. Life Plan Communities can help reduce both by offering an environment that clears space in your brain and stokes creative living. 

Arminee posing next to sculpture

Arminee discovered her artistic talent in her 60s.

Marcia smiling

Sharing beautiful music is one of life’s pleasures for Marcia.

Dr. Sara working on her laptop

The Work/Life Balancers

Moving to a Life Plan Community isn’t just for retirees. It’s also a work/life balance power move. No maintenance. No meal prep. No worries. 

Sara smiling in office

Dr. Sara, entrepreneur and lifelong advocate for social change, is redefining aging and empowering women.

Erin smiling outdoors

Erin found the freedom to work, play and give back.

Your Thing. Is Our Thing.

Life Plan Communities center on the passions and pursuits of the people who live there. Every community is what you make it, with plenty of opportunities to shape community life, explore new endeavors and dive deeper into what you love — all while reaping the rewards of connection, well-being and security.

The more you get to know who lives among our HumanGood Life Plan Communities, the more you’ll realize who lives in “those places” are people like you.


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