Helping Others Achieve Success is How They Define Their Own: Meet Stan and Jackie Silverman

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Stan and Jackie Silverman

For Stan and Jackie Silverman, marriage has always been a partnership. They built Stan’s career together, charting a course to a brighter future. Now, they’re building a legacy in retirement — and Rydal Park & Waters is the launching ground for that legacy. 

Stan’s career was actually four different careers. He’s the former CEO of a glass and chemical company and is now a syndicated columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal, where he writes about being an inspirational leader, treating employees with dignity and respect and building a lasting legacy. 

“I have written over 450 articles that aim to help people be better business leaders. This is my legacy to the next generation,” he writes in one article. 

His work advises managers to create healthy workplace cultures, forever contemplate the future and empower employees with trust and challenges rather than micromanagement. 

He’s become a sought-after thought leader. His book, “Be Different!: The Key to Business and Career Success,” advises people to find who they are, be that person and then parlay that into business success. Businesses cannot succeed if they do what everyone else does — and neither can people. 

For Stan and Jackie, part of being different has been leading lives of service. 

The Silvermans agree that such immense success only matters if it can be used to help others succeed. Their $2 million endowment to Drexel University established the Silverman Family Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership, which supports the next generation of business academics to foster innovation and creative leadership. Drexel University also recently honored their legacy with its The Silverman Chemical and Biological Engineering Lounge. 

While Stan’s career has garnered the most attention, he’s careful to always credit his wife with his success. Her work in the background has supported him to achieve great things. Now, the two work together on volunteer projects and various community service pursuits. Stan is chair of the finance committee at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. The couple also sponsors a local third grade class, allowing students to take field trips and purchase school supplies.

“It always feels good to give back,” Jackie says. 

The couple has no plans to slow down. But they wanted a bit more ease so they can focus on continuing to support their community. As soon as they saw the lush community and welcoming cottages at Rydal Park & Waters, they knew it was the perfect home for them. 

“We are people who embrace so many aspects of our life. Whether we are working out at the local gym, spending time with family, working or volunteering, we wanted a place that was low-maintenance, but had the space and beautiful amenities that we desired in this next chapter of our lives. Our grandchildren especially love visiting the clubhouse,” Jackie says. 

Stan adds, “Who knows what hobby or career we will take up next? Only time will tell.”

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