Meet Irene Feller: Creating Connection for Herself and Others

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What do a polyglot, retired blood bank specialist who worked on cutting-edge stem cell procedures and dedicated mahjong competitor have in common? They’re all the same person. 

Irene Feller’s love of learning and other people blended seamlessly in her career, where she worked daily with others and mastered cutting-edge science. She had no intention of slowing down in retirement — and she hasn't. 

Irene knew she wanted to spend retirement embracing new pursuits, giving back to others and traveling the world. White Sands La Jolla is where she chose to launch her next act, and it’s a choice she and her husband, Eduardo, remain thrilled with.

Irene, who speaks five languages, relishes traveling the globe. She and Eduardo are currently preparing for their next trip: to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. They love that they can lock their door and go without worrying about their home. 

Of course, when they return, there’s plenty still waiting for them — and Irene occasionally sneaks a few glances at her computer to check in on things at home in her beloved community. 

At home, Irene is the proud founder of the mahjong club she started with two other residents. 

“It’s fun, and it creates a sense of community,” Irene says. 

A commitment to community is integral to who Irene is. She believes in supporting others to live the same sort of purposeful life she enjoys. Residents frequently rely on her to help them master new digital technologies. She loves this role because she knows how technology can forge connections and offer endless opportunities to learn new skills. She also sits on the budget and finance committee, putting her business sense and practical mind to good use. 

Irene’s advice for healthy aging? “Being busy and focused is key,” she said. “I’m really happy with everything I’m doing.” 

No wonder her husband has nicknamed her “High Octane.”

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