The miracle life of Sigrid Weimann

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MOP-L-PIESIGRID-0503-1Resident Sigrid Weinmann proclaims she’s “a tough cookie” and she has the story to prove it.

During her daily morning five-mile walk in April 2018, Weinmann was struck by a distracted driver in a crosswalk and sustained multiple life-threatening injuries. That included a double skull fracture, severe concussion, triple fracture in the left knee and broken ribs. She spent a week in the hospital and another 68 days in skilled nursing.

A year later, Weinmann is back at it taking her morning walks and living a healthy and enriching life. “I’m a tough cookie. I’m stubborn,” she said in an interview with the Montclarion newspaper. “I was going to get well.”

Weinmann credits the support of her family and friends to get her through the entire ordeal. But click here to read more about how she overcame the accident and is now living her best life. 

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