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Rydal Park - Spring 3

Dear friends,

As we head into spring, it just feels like the world comes alive, right? It’s brighter, there is more visible activity, especially outdoors and the winter “hibernation” period melts away. It just feels good!

You hear the term “engagement” used a lot these days: people being actively engaged with the world around them, impacting others and improving or enhancing quality of life. The term also resonates with users of social media. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their customers all track engagement with followers as a metric by which to determine the “success” of any post. In short, being connected has value — both tangible and intangible.

And, while social media engagement is growing by leaps and bounds among adults 62 and better, this issue of Views from the Park speaks to the many ways in which people commit to their work, their passion projects, their volunteer efforts and each other — and how moving to a Life Plan Community like Rydal Park often only enhances those opportunities as people connect with others of like mind. Many new residents are often pleasantly surprised to reconnect with current or former professional colleagues, members of their civic groups, volunteer associations, college and high school graduating classes and so on. In doing so, it’s amazing how the power of one can multiply for the greater good.

For the many years that I have had the good fortune to speak with groups about the when, where, why and how of considering moving options as we age, one thing I choose not to speak to is the idea of “making friends” when you make a move. I am assuming you have friends already. But will you enhance your social circle if you so desire? Absolutely! Should I, or anyone who does what I do, assume that’s what you’re seeking? We should not. I firmly believe that age does not dictate purpose, but that communities like Rydal Park can and do support purposeful engagement if you choose to invest yourself in that manner — which so many do. And will that result in deeper ties? Most certainly.

To learn more about becoming engaged with the people and programs of Rydal Park, please give us a call at 215-814-0329, engage with us on Facebook or, better yet, come by and feel what we mean.

With all of my best wishes for a beautiful spring season,

Sarah Jolles

Executive Director, Sales & Marketing


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