Senior Correspondent: Residents offer a seasoned view of the world

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Getting accepted to college, memories of World War II and a poem for thought are just a few of the stories and perspectives shared in the latest edition of Senior Correspondent—an online magazine aimed to amplify the voices of older adults.

Judson Park residents are frequent contributors to the online magazine. They’ve shared a wide variety of life experiences, stories and perspectives. Check out the magazine and our residents’ latest stories below.   


by Bob Larsen

When we arrived in Englewood, New Jersey, there were letters of acceptance from NYU and CCNY, but no word from Columbia, which was my first choice.

World War II Memories

By Carole Ramstad

When I first thought about World War II, I could think of the little real impact it had on me. Then after more thought, I realized it had a more life-changing effect upon me than any other period of my life.

How Like Caterpillars We Are

By Darlene Swanson Malmo

How like caterpillars we are

  Creeping, crawling, cavorting over
     Every leaf and limb;
     Searching for that
     Scintillating something that
     Will feed us forever 

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