Our advice: Find the place that feels right for you.

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I spent my entire career teaching environmental law. So, when my wife and I started looking at senior living communities, we wanted to be absolutely certain the environment was right for us. And I was especially determined to do my due diligence, and make sure the management was historically sound and fiscally responsible. When a dear friend recommended Piedmont Gardens, we scheduled a visit. One look and we felt this was the place for us.

I did my research on HumanGood, the owner and manager of Piedmont Gardens, and found it was one of the most respected nonprofit operators of senior living communities in the country. Knowing that this community provided everything we needed – including easy access to all levels of living right on campus – and met my standards for exceptional and highly dependable operations, we knew we were making the right decision.

Before we moved in, the Piedmont Gardens team let us choose the paint, carpet, tile and countertops we wanted in our two-bedroom apartment. We really appreciated how the team jumped in and helped with our transition and move. This community really has everything we want and need: access to wellness programs, numerous groups and activities, and a diverse population of residents. The location is just right. We’re in a vibrant, urban environment with a variety of things to do. I think people my age need that – at least I do.

We enjoy being together, but we don’t do everything together. I have my tennis and garden restoration work, and Katherine loves her morning exercise class, and her hootenanny music and memoir sharing groups. We take daily walks with our small dog and share meals together. It’s nice to have the freedom to fill our days as we wish – with what’s important to us, as individuals and as a couple.

It’s an interesting place to live and the residents make it truly distinctive. So many of the good people who live here have had such incredible careers. Oftentimes our monthly lecture series is presented by a resident – even me. We learn a lot from each other, and always something new.

Our advice is this. Do your due diligence when it comes to looking at a community. Visit. Talk to residents. Ask questions. Walk around the area. Find the place that fits you. It just might be Piedmont Gardens.

To schedule a visit, call 510-550-5788. Tell them the Archers are prepared to show you around.

Jack and Katherine Archer have been residents at Piedmont Gardens since September 2015.

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