Senior Assistance Fund of the Eastbay (SAFE) awards HumanGood a $125,000 grant

November 8, 2022 -- The Senior Assistance Fund of the Eastbay (SAFE) has awarded HumanGood a $125,000 grant to support the Compassionate Connections program at six HumanGood affordable housing communities in Northern California’s East Bay region. SAFE is a charitable trust that provides financial assistance to non-profits who provide services to low-income seniors in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in Northern California.

Approximately 360 residents are served at the HumanGood communities of Allen Temple Arms 1, Allen Temple II, Allen Temple Gardens, Allen Temple Manor, Valley Vista and Broadmoor Plaza. Compassionate Connections will provide residents with a diverse array of online resources to help them manage their social, informational and health needs.

Funding from the grant will be directed towards the purchase of 52 iPad Mini tablets, as well as supportive materials for the devices and internet service from the Comcast Corporation to all residents in at these locations. The iPads will be loaned to residents who express an interest in participating in the program. The new technology will enable seniors to increase access to technology-rich activities and programming, and serve as a platform to establish social networks that help residents feel empowered and more engaged. Residents will be offered training in basic technology, health/wellness education, safe and creative use of social media, and instructions on accessing online county services. Increased access to technology will enable residents to remain connected to their close social support networks as well as the larger community via email, video calls, social networking sites, chat/discussion groups, interest/hobby groups and news sites.

“This generous investment from our charitable partners at SAFE will uphold our commitment to inspiring the best life for residents at these communities by introducing them to innovative ways to connect with the people and institutions that matter most to them,” says Lynn Marie Johnson, Vice President of Philanthropy. Compassionate Connections offers additional motivation for them to learn new skills and to continue living fully with greater access to technology-based programs and services.”

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