Rotary Plaza of San Mateo Re-opens After Renovations

One of many new cozy living areas at the Rotary Plaza.October 14th marks the long awaited grand re-opening of Rotary Plaza, located in San Mateo County, just 30 minutes from San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Renovated in partnership with its original sponsor, the Rotary Club of South San Francisco, Rotary Plaza is now one of HumanGood’s flagship affordable housing communities. The newly renovated community hopes to make a big impact not only on its residents, but also within San Mateo County.

Home to more than 750,000 residents, San Mateo County has the lowest housing vacancy rates due to having the highest rental costs in the Bay Area. As a result, Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM), a local nonprofit

health care plan that offers health coverage and a provider network, has seen a shortage of available affordable housing units for seniors. What this means is that seniors who could be living independently are being forced to stay in publicly-supported assisted living communities, increasing tax costs for all residents of San Mateo County.

HumanGood's affordable housing department and HPSM have joined forces and are diligently working to place eligible seniors back into residential, non-licensed communities, such as the newly-renovated Rotary Plaza.

Once a home is found, aging seniors also must have a care program that fits their needs. Consequently, HumanGood affordable housing selected Rotary Plaza to participate in a three-year demonstration project that aims to improve coordination of medical and social services for low-income seniors and people with disabilities who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medi-Cal (“Duals”).

“The partnership with the Rotary Club of South San Francisco and HPSM is strong and unique. It keeps the well-being of our residents at the front and center of our shared mission,” says Ancel Romero, president of the HumanGood affordable housing department.

“We especially appreciate the faith and confidence placed in us by the Rotary Club of South San Francisco, our esteemed partner in this undertaking. This community would not exist without Rotary’s vision and dedication to low-income seniors,” Romero says. 

Under the partnership, HPSM will be responsible for delivering all Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits and services, including access to medical care providers, long-term care and behavioral health care to certain residents of Rotary Plaza. Our resident services program will continue to provide enhanced, concentrated and individualized supportive services to its residents to help meet their needs.

Rehabilitation began January 2015 on the 44-year-old Rotary Plaza. 

The newly designed space offers residents a redesigned café and bistro area, as well as enhanced open spaces. All apartments have been upgraded with new fixtures, floors, cabinets, countertops and energy-efficient appliances. A brand new solar system to reduce energy costs has also been installed.

“The success of the Rotary Plaza’s redevelopment efforts has allowed HumanGood affordable housing and South San Francisco Rotary to collaborate on a second 81-unit new-construction senior community in South San Francisco, which will start construction next year,” says Beacon Development Director Cindy Proctor.

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