Redlands Rotary Club honors Plymouth Village executive director

July 29, 2020

The Redlands Rotary Club recently presented Julie Michaels, executive director of Plymouth Village with their “Hero of the Year Award 2020.” There are approximately 100 members in the club including many local area leaders.

“The success of a community is a collaborative process,” said Julie Michaels. “I could never have been selected for this honor without the support of the entire Plymouth Village community.”

Victoria Marshall, president of the Redlands Rotary Club, said “Julie had one of the most important roles in my presidential year. When we were hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, Julie made it clear that she would have to step back from her Rotary Club duties as her position at Plymouth Village took priority, while still providing all of the information needed to continue our weekly meetings.”

Victoria added that “Julie would come to our Rotary meetings and provide us with updates on COVID-19 at Plymouth Village, as some members had parents who resided there. It was comforting to those members to hear how their families were being cared for and protected as much as possible. We recognized Julie for her incredible work with Rotary, and how she had to pivot during the COVID-19 crisis to protect our seniors. For these reasons, Julie is our Hero of the Year!”

Congratulations to Julie and the entire Plymouth Village community!

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