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dining-updateIn January, we announced that we were partnering with Morrison Community Living and Bon Appétit to develop a new HumanGood strategy for dining services in our communities. The HumanGood and Morrison/Bon Appétit teams toured our communities to introduce the strategy to our team members and residents, and to explain what to expect as we move forward.

Four of our communities are now preparing to transition to our new dining strategy in the coming months: Valle Verde, The Terraces at Los Altos, The Terraces of Los Gatos and White Sands La Jolla.

We are currently working to implement a pilot program at White Sands La Jolla to test processes, recipes and sourcing methods that we hope to scale out to other HumanGood communities.

Valle Verde and The Terraces at Los Altos will begin their transition to our new program beginning on May 1. The Terraces of Los Gatos will begin testing a new pilot program this fall after it first transitions to a new Morrison-led program beginning June 1.

The order in which we will transition the rest of our HumanGood communities is below. Specific dates and timing will be shared as we make progress.

  • Redwood Terrace
  • Las Ventanas
  • Windsor
  • The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens
  • Regents Point
  • The Terraces of Phoenix
  • Judson Park
  • Royal Oaks
  • Piedmont Gardens
  • Grand Lake Gardens
  • Westminster Gardens
  • Rosewood
  • Plymouth Village

The core dining team from HumanGood and Morrison Community Living that will oversee this strategy are:

  • Dennis Gradillas – Vice President, Operations, HumanGood
  • Jim Craddock – Regional Director of Operations (previously our general manager from Valle Verde)
  • Gina Armanini – Regional Director of Operations (from Morrison Community Living)
  • Karissa Bouchie – Director of Nutrition and Wellness (from Morrison Community Living)
  • Chef Jake Reimer – Corporate Executive Chef (previously our head chef from Valle Verde)
  • Mary Platt – Regional Vice President (from Morrison Community Living)

As we progress, we will continue to provide updates and more information on our dining strategy.

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