HumanGood’s Affordable Housing Special Needs Fund

December 13, 2022 -- In the holiday spirit of giving, HumanGood team members have once again demonstrated compassion and dedication. In 2022, team members donated a total of $5,586 to HumanGood’s Affordable Housing Special Needs Fund. The fund was initiated by Presby’s Inspired Life prior to its affiliation with HumanGood to support social enrichment activities for low-income residents. Rooted in a philanthropic culture, many HumanGood team members choose to contribute dollars via payroll deduction to provide opportunities year-round for affordable housing residents, especially during the holidays. Friends and partners of the organization are also able to donate.

HumanGood Vice President of Philanthropy Lynn Johnson operates the fund with her team to ensure affordable housing residents are staying engaged with neighbors and their communities. “Experts remind us those older adults who maintain an active and independent lifestyle gain health benefits and the ability to remain independent for longer,” said Johnson. “The Affordable Housing Special Needs Funds upholds a culture of giving and truly illustrates our commitment to ensuring that our residents are offered enjoyable, fulfilling experiences by directing charitable donations toward enriching activities.

In the fund’s lifetime, more than $60,000 has been donated by HumanGood team members and external partners. To learn more about the HumanGood mission and philanthropic projects, visit To support the Affordable Housing Special Needs Fund or other charitable giving opportunities, please contact Lynn Johnson. at

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