HumanGood team members give back to communities and neighborhoods in Day of Service

June 20, 2023 -- On June 19, HumanGood affordable housing team members celebrated Juneteenth, an important day in our nation’s history, by giving back to their communities. Participation in the Day of Service occurred across communities in Pennsylvania, California, Washington, and Oregon. There were a variety of volunteer opportunities including park cleanups, community renovations, and providing meals for first responders and those experiencing homelessness. HumanGood corporate team members also participated by donating essential supplies for “upliftment bags” that were distributed to local shelters. More than 140 team members participated in the events to help make HumanGood’s Day of Service a success.

"Day of Service was an opportunity for us to make an IMPACT in the communities we serve in,” said Kendra Roberts, vice president of Operations. “Whether feeding the unhoused, beautifying a park or community, or delivering blessing bags to local shelters, our goal was to make a difference and to bring back a little joy to what sometimes seems like a dark world."


At the end of the Day of Service activities, affordable housing team members held celebrations and gatherings to kick off the organization’s Resident Appreciation Week. Residents enjoyed barbeques, music, and socializing with neighbors. “Day of Service is our way of giving back to the greater community and our residents who trust HumanGood to care for them,” said Bill Canteen, vice president of Operations at HumanGood. “Together we have the fortitude to accomplish great things and better meet the needs of those we serve.”

HumanGood strives to implement its five core values in everyday operations: Passion, Inclusion, Courage, Innovation, and Impact. The organization’s Day of Service efforts will continue every Juneteenth to demonstrate the commitment to surrounding communities and help residents live their best lives.

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