HumanGood receives National Mature Media Awards

July 12, 2022 -- The National Mature Media Awards were announced last week, and HumanGood received a number of awards and recognitions, including several top honors. The awards honor the nation’s best marketing, communications, educational materials and programs for older adults. The competition is celebrating its 31st year in 2022.

Congratulations to the HumanGood marketing team, and to Demi Mallios, HumanGood marketing manager, for her participation as a judge in this year’s competition.

Here is a recap of HumanGood’s awards:

  • BRONZE—Guide to Life Plan Communities (Direct Mail, Marketing & Communications)
  • MERIT—Bloom Magazine (Graphic Design, Art/Design)
  • MERIT—The Mansion at Rosemont, Where Life Appreciates, ad campaign (Graphic Design, Art/Design)
  • SILVER—Westminster Gardens community magazine (Graphic Design, Art/Design)
  • GOLD—Westminster Gardens sales collateral kit (Graphic Design, Art/Design)
  • GOLD—A Guide to Life Plan Communities (Graphic Design, Art/Design)
  • MERIT—Bloom Magazine (Magazine…not clear what category)
  • GOLD—Rydal Park Bloom Magazine (Magazine, Publications/Editorial)
  • GOLD—Rydal Waters Bloom Magazine (Magazine, Publications/Editorial)
  • MERIT—Spring Mill Point, Where You Fit, ad campaign (Marketing/Advertising Campaign, Marketing & Communications)
  • MERIT—The Mansion at Rosemont, Where Life Appreciates, ad campaign (Marketing/Advertising Campaign, Marketing & Communications)
  • MERIT—Play Time photo, Steve Belkowitz (Photograph, Art/Design)
  • BRONZE—Dandelion Wishes photo, Rick Mendoza (Photograph, Art/Design)
  • BRONZE—Mountain Trail photo, Rick Mendoza (Photograph, Art/Design)
  • SILVER—Underwater Fun photo, Steve Belkowitz (Photograph, Art/Design)
  • GOLD—Calligrapher photo, Rick Mendoza (Photograph, Art/Design)
  • GOLD—The Environmentalists photo, Rick Mendoza (Photograph, Art Design)
  • GOLD—What’s the Power of Community? (Web Site, Web-based & Mobile Resources)

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