HumanGood provides food assistance through Cupboards of Care® program

November 15, 2021 – HumanGood is continuing to provide food assistance to low-income seniors through its Cupboards of Care® program. Cupboards of Care helps residents in HumanGood affordable housing communities improve their food security while encouraging healthy eating habits. HumanGood currently operates 96 affordable housing communities for seniors in California, Delaware, Washington State and Pennsylvania. Since 2016, Cupboards of Care has assisted more than 300 households and has raised more than $403,000 to improve the food security and healthy eating habits of residents of HumanGood affordable housing communities across the country.

Research from Feeding America shows:

  • In the United States, 5.3 million seniors face hunger. That's 1 in 14 seniors
  • 63% of seniors visiting food banks say they have to choose between food and medical care.
  • Hunger takes a serious toll on seniors' health - putting them at risk for chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure and mental health issues like depression. 
  • Millions of seniors qualify for monthly grocery assistance through SNAP, but only 48% receive SNAP benefits.

Residents who participate in the Cupboards of Care program receive nutritional counseling from volunteer experts at Unidine, and education to help them make smarter, healthier choices with their food budget. They also receive a prepaid gift card to help them purchase healthier foods such as fresh produce or lean proteins – items that can be cost-prohibitive for low-income seniors. The program has enabled residents to purchase more than 15,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables since 2018.

“Food insecurity is an issue for many low-income seniors, and the 2020-2021 pandemic exacerbated the problem” said Lynn Marie Johnson, Vice President of Philanthropy & Mission Support at HumanGood. “We are grateful for the support from our foundation partners and individual benefactors who recognize the need and impact of this program.”

Results of the program have been positive, with residents of the affordable housing communities reporting increased food security, as well as improved health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, managing diseases like diabetes and gaining overall stamina. Currently, the program is in place in 36 communities on the east coast, and 21 HumanGood communities on the west coast.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to direct my philanthropy in such an impactful way,” says Bill Young who serves as a member of the HumanGood Affordable Housing Advisory and Consulting Board. “Cupboards of Care is a meaningful example of our commitment to inspire the best life for residents-- and it is especially significant during these challenging times.”

“I feel blessed and privileged to be a participant in ‘Cupboards of Care’,” says Carol Kulik, who has been enrolled for two years. “The program gives me the special opportunity to stretch my limited financial resources in order to purchase healthier food items which can be out of reach. This is a wonderful gift to share with older adults who are on fixed incomes.”

To donate funds to the Cupboards of Care program, contact Lynn Marie Johnson at

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