HumanGood launches “Welcome Home” initiative

February 15, 2023 -- HumanGood’s affordable housing team is launching a “Welcome Home” initiative. The initiative seeks to help serve these most vulnerable seniors who lack any form of housing security by providing pathways to housing at our affordable housing communities. This initiative was formerly referred to as the “Homeless Initiative.”

Providing opportunities to live the best life to the most vulnerable seniors in our communities is central to the work that we do in affordable housing. Many seniors across the country will go to sleep tonight unsure of where they will sleep tomorrow, with no place to call home.

This week, the first group of HumanGood affordable housing communities will begin training to help prepare to meet the unique needs that unhoused elders may present. These communities will blaze the way for providing quality, comfortable low-cost housing to elders who currently lack any form of housing security.

This initiative will position HumanGood affordable housing to not only continue to make the best life a reality to the low-income seniors we already serve, but also a reality to those who perhaps never thought it possible. Together we can do extraordinary things and together we will be the difference to many who may have lost hope.

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