HumanGood dining team hosts first annual Culinary Summit

HumanGood Executive Chefs listen to a presentation.

The HumanGood dining team hosted their first annual regional Culinary Summit at the Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens for all of our executive chefs.

The culinary summit, which was held on February 5-6, was part of our ongoing partnership with Morrison Community Living and Bon Appétit to develop a new HumanGood strategy for dining services in our communities.

At the summit, our executive chefs discussed and reviewed back-to-basic culinary and operating standards, as well as financial accountability. As a team, they also explored an array of topics surrounding planning their menus for their communities, mastering the art of dining presentation, and how to best source food items from local farmers and other vendors who maintain sustainable practices. Our chefs also challenged one another in their own Top Chef competition.

“We took big steps to capture what the HumanGood Dining experience is and going to be, by creating a foundation of rules, culture, and accountability for our chefs and communities to build the brand together with a shared vision,” said Corporate Executive Chef Jake Closter-Reimer of Morrison Community Living, who led the summit.

Our chefs were also introduced to the new HumanGood Food Rules, a set of 12 culinary commandments inspired by Bon Appétit which includes creating seasonal menus and sourcing locally grown produce.

In March, HumanGood Dining will also roll out Teaching Kitchens for residents in all levels of living as well as team members. The classes will offer everyone in our communities a chance to learn new cooking techniques and how to make simple dishes on their own.

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