HumanGood closes the gap in benevolence fund

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HumanGood Foundation is pleased to announce that the organization has renewed its commitment to match the gifts received in 2019 dedicated to support our 18 communities’ benevolence funds.

As part of our mission, HumanGood seeks to create philanthropic opportunities that will help us enhance the lives of those we serve in our communities. There are times when a resident may outlive their financial resources and no longer have the means to pay the full amount of their monthly fees. The benevolence funds at each of our 18 life plan communities, which are managed by the HumanGood Foundation, have been established to help those residents so they can remain in their homes.

In 2018, HumanGood matched the $2.3 million in gifts raised in total which has helped to sustain the benevolence funds in the communities. The match also helped our communities meet the needs of about 80 residents who faced financial troubles.

“These funds allow residents to stay in the community they’ve called home,” says Jeff Glaze, president of the HumanGood Foundation. “Nonetheless, more generosity is needed to close the gap further.”

Renewing our commitment for 2019 highlights the importance of these funds, Glaze said.

Click here to learn more about the HumanGood Foundation and ways to give in support of our benevolence funds and provide financial peace of mind to all living in our communities.



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