Cupboards of Care® Program Provides Emergency Food Assistance

May 27, 2020

Thanks to generous grants from several nonprofit foundations, HumanGood is providing emergency food assistance to seniors through our Cupboards of Care® program.

Cupboards of Care has assisted more than 300 households in our Philadelphia area since its inception in 2016 and HumanGood plans to extend this program to our west coast communities this year. Results of the program have been positive, with residents of the affordable housing communities reporting increased food security as well as healthier eating behavior.  Since 2016, Cupboards of Care has raised over $316,000 to improve the food security and healthy eating habits of residents of HumanGood affordable housing communities.

Foundation support was received from the PHL COVID-19 Fund; the Foundation for Delaware County’s COVID-19 Response Fund; the Yakima Valley (WA) Resilience and Response Fund; and Unity in the Community, Kitsap (WA)’s COVID-19 Response Fund. 

Residents who participate in the Cupboards of Care program receive nutritional counseling and education to help them make smarter, healthier choices with their food dollars. They also receive a prepaid grocery gift card to help them purchase healthy foods such as fresh produce or lean proteins – items that can be cost-prohibitive for low-income seniors.

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