Cupboards of Care Program expands to Shepherd’s Garden

February 15, 2023 -- HumanGood has received a grant from Everett Clinic Foundation that will expand the Cupboards of Care® program to Shepherd’s Garden located in Lynnwood, Washington. The assistance will provide food security for 11 residents in the affordable housing community. This comes at a necessary time as cuts in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits are on the rise.

The Cupboards of Care® program launched in 2016 to provide low-income residents with food security and resources that promote a healthier lifestyle. Participants are offered nutritional counseling and pre-paid gift cards for the purchase of produce, lean proteins, and other cost-prohibitive foods. Access to these types of nutrients assists in lowering blood pressure, managing diseases like diabetes, and gaining overall stamina.

Shepherd’s Garden Administrator Maria Perez is thrilled to see the program extend to her community. “The impact will be huge because many of our states are set to cut funding in other programs. This will give my residents the opportunity to purchase fresh, healthy foods that they may not have been able to afford otherwise.” Shepherd’s Garden is the 58th HumanGood affordable housing community to participate in the program. Cupboards of Care® is made possible due to charitable support.

To donate funds to the Cupboards of Care® program, contact Lynn Marie Johnson at

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