Charitable gift to establish a legacy for HumanGood affordable housing communities

January 19, 2023 -- Former American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW) board member James Ella James has donated a major legacy gift to two affordable housing communities in the Northern California region. HumanGood communities Allen Temple Arms I & II are beneficiaries of the gift, which will inspire residents to engage in new programs and enhance the overall quality of their lives, as well as the experiences shared throughout the community. The two communities are directed by HumanGood vice president of Operations Kendra Roberts, who supports the team to provide quality housing and deliver exceptional resident programming with support from the Allen Temple Baptist Church and the Allen Temple Community Development Corporation.

“So many are humbled by Mrs. James’ decision to support the future of these two affordable housing communities in such a monumental manner,” said Lynn Marie Johnson, Vice President of Philanthropy at HumanGood. “Her donation is destined to ultimately transform the experiences of residents at these communities and inspired ongoing generosity from those who believe in the HumanGood mission.”

HumanGood remains grateful for the positive impact our partners and Mrs. James’ are delivering to our residents. Allen Temple Development Corporation is grateful for the gift and will honor Mrs. James in the new year.

Topics: Affordable Housing

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