CEO John Cochrane featured in Senior Housing News podcast

In its podcast “Transform,” Senior Housing News (SHN) recently interviewed HumanGood CEO John Cochrane to discuss the growing demand for middle-market senior housing.

SHN’s podcast focuses on the people and ideas shaping the future of senior living. In his interview for the latest episode, John highlights that there are no easy solutions to addressing the need for housing within a market that consists of an array of product types and price points.

“One of the mistakes (in the industry) that we make is we talk about the middle market as if it’s this monolithic (space),” John said in his interview. “We’re misrepresenting the opportunity and the need.”  

He also discusses the following:

– HumanGood’s recent affiliation with Presby’s Inspired Living and his plans to build a national portfolio
– How he sees the senior living consumer changing over the next decade

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