Update on Caldor fire

August 31, 2021 -- Our teams are continuing to monitor the Caldor fire, which is threatening the Lake Tahoe Basin. Evacuation orders for residents in the South Lake Tahoe area were issued yesterday and our residents from our two communities in the area, Kelly Ridge and Tahoe Senior Plaza, were safely evacuated. The majority of residents are staying with family or friends and 12 residents from both Kelly Ridge and Tahoe Senior Plaza are now sheltering at Gardnerville Community Center in Nevada. Our team members are continuing to support those residents.

Our teams in Redding, CA, are also monitoring the Dixie fire, which is currently the largest active fire in the region, along with several other active wildfires. No evacuation orders have been issued, but our two communities in the area are under evacuation watch and we are prepared to evacuate if required. We will continue to keep a close eye on the weather and wind conditions and stay in regular contact with the appropriate authorities.

We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available and we thank all of you for your concern and support for our residents and team members who are affected by the fires.

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