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We’re all driven to seek a better life, connected to family and friends. There’s a world of choices ahead of us, giving us the opportunity to never feel as old as we are.


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We Want To

  • Become our best selves
  • Stay relevant in ever changing world
  • Make a meaningful difference
  • Use everything we've accomplished and learned
  • Channel our creative energy
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Simply put? We want to live immersed in a rich and purposeful life.

Our world is human. And good.

Say hello to HumanGood. As the world changes, so do we.

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Becoming our better selves.

You may not realize it, but we are in the middle of a major paradigm shift when it comes to senior living. With older Americans soon to outnumber their children, we’re seeing vast opportunities and great challenges as we seek to help older adults continue to live with meaning and purpose. Our path used to be simple. We were born into families, grew into individuals. We started families of our own. Worked a job, built a career. Accomplished things, great and small. In the end, our reward for all this effort was a short period of retirement. A winding down. The end. With greater longevity—often with extended periods of physical and mental health—that “short period of retirement” has lengthened into decades.

Educational levels exceed those of generations past, and we enjoy a degree of affluence undreamed of not too long ago. We knew the rules as a child. As we grew into young adulthood the rules changed, but they still were understood. As adults, our roles and responsibilities have been well-defined. But what about an older adulthood that can stretch 30 years or more? What are the rules now? We believe there’s an opportunity to live a life in which we create our finest, most authentic selves. For each of us to become what we were meant to be. To accomplish what we were meant to do. HumanGood is here to help make it happen.

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A rich, purposeful life.

Our mission is to redefine the meaning of aging well for adults 55 and older. The products and services we offer are designed to support those we serve, their families and our team members in the pursuit of an engaged, purposeful life. Why? Because everyone should have the opportunity to live life with enthusiasm, confidence and security, regardless of physical, social or economic circumstances.

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Where we’re going
(and how we’ll get there).

Life is personal. It’s as unique to every individual as the proverbial snowflake. And yet as we look at what people want in their lives as they grow older, suddenly we’re not so different. Good health and financial security are a given. But beyond that, we all want to feel useful. Stay connected to friends and family. Continue to learn and grow. Be creative. Enjoy our lives. Be content.

Our goal, then, is to help people experience these things—whether it’s the older adults we serve, their families or our team members. How will we do this? By being the leading innovator in delivering enriched and engaged experiences with optimal health and measurable life fulfillment. We’ll achieve our aspiration by focusing on three areas.

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CCRCs, reimagined.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs or “Life Plan Communities” as they’re increasingly becoming known) provide housing and health care on a continuum that changes as the needs of older adults change. Residents can enjoy life in a CCRC when active and healthy, and continue to take advantage of the community experience if they require assistance due to health issues, even as those issues become more significant. But we know that the CCRC as currently conceived has limited appeal.

Nine out of 10 older adults either aren’t interested or can’t afford it. We believe strongly in the value of community living and have seen how it can improve both quality and length of life, but we also recognize that community living has to be reimagined and redesigned. Shelter, health and financial security are essential, but the experience must be more transformative and profound. The years older adults spend in our communities should be among the best years of their lives.

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Meeting the demand for affordable housing.

The challenges of delivering affordable housing that meets the needs of low-income older adults are ones of scale and scope— demand far outstrips supply, and the services we provide are limited in their ability to keep residents in their homes as health care needs change. Beyond simply building more affordable housing, we must raise the bar in terms of environmental and program design, innovative supportive services and ever improving quality standards.

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New products to deliver purposeful living

We know that current senior living communities aren’t a fit for everyone. We must develop new products and services that align with the desires and expectations of a new generation of older adults. If our goal is to support people in their aspiration to live useful, engaged and stimulated lives, then we must understand those we serve more deeply and design experiences that deliver enriched, purposeful living.

Say hello to HumanGood.

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HumanGood is the coming together of two organizations with rich histories of serving older adults and their families. American Baptist Homes of the West began in 1949 with the establishment of Pilgrim Haven Retirement Community (now known as The Terraces at Los Altos) in Los Altos, California. ABHOW’s original purpose was to provide quality housing and health care for retired American Baptist ministers and missionaries, but grew quickly to include older people regardless of occupation or religious affiliation. From one community serving nine residents in 1949, ABHOW expanded to 50 communities in six states. began life as Southern California Presbyterian Homes in 1955 when the leaders of three Southern California presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church recognized the need for communities that would support older adults in their aging journeys.