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Human potential. It’s infinite.

What makes us different?

Industry Leadership

Thanks to the strength of our reputation for ingenuity, integrity and brand leadership, we can both attract and retain the most talented and committed team members.

Financial Stability

Our long-standing track record of financial strength allows us to reinvest and enrich the quality of life on our campuses. We are proud that our residents feel secure investing in a future with HumanGood.


Our culture encourages new ways of delivering exceptional services, environments and care. Accordingly, we are receptive to the ideas of those who live and work in our communities and are consistently willing to embrace and invest in positive change.


As a nonprofit, we channel our revenue toward the operational excellence of our communities — not to shareholders. Our foundation, which is dedicated to providing benevolent support to residents who may have outlived their financial resources through no fault of their own, distributes more than $1 million annually.

Five values shape us.


We are better when we include people of different backgrounds and perspectives.


We do what’s right — even when it’s hard.


We find new and better ways to serve our residents, team members and each new generation of older adults.


We judge ourselves based on our ability to move our mission forward.


We care deeply about the success of our team, those we serve and HumanGood.

group of senior friends taking a group selfie

Inclusion Statement

When we say everyone, we mean everyone.

Our name, HumanGood, sounds ambitious because it is. We are committed to being a leadership organization, and our mission — to inspire your best life — has set us on a continuous journey of better understanding and responding to the unique needs of our entire HumanGood family. That family includes our residents, team members, loved ones and business partners. Aligning our mission with our values of passion, courage, innovation, impact and inclusion means that we are committed to doing the work required to live up to our name.

We recognize that our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives ignite our mission, extend our reach and magnify our impact. Our values guide our work to build pride and passion within our organization by helping people feel honored, be seen and bring their best selves to their work. In order to do that, diversity, equity and inclusion must be a part of our decision-making process.

We commit to fostering environments where diversity is celebrated and valued in every corner of HumanGood. We communicate honestly and are intentional in designing equitable and inclusive policies, programs and procedures throughout our organization. We examine our biases and beliefs and interrupt patterns that exclude members of our HumanGood family so that everyone can have a place where they belong.

At HumanGood, everyone means everyone.


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Faith-Based Statement

We honor the vision of our founders.

As a faith-based organization, we honor the vision of our founders by ensuring our communities are open and welcoming to people from all faiths and backgrounds. HumanGood is committed to creating communities where the whole person is cared for. We provide resources and programs that engender spiritual enrichment in our residents, inspiring them to find a sense of wholeness and connection.