Dining at The Terraces of Boise is a delicious, nutritious, social and relaxing experience. You can meet friends in our more relaxed bistro or enjoy a wonderfully prepared meal in our restaurant-style dining room, courtesy of The Terraces chef and culinary team. Our flexible MyChoice dining program provides maximum value and lets you dine on your schedule (without lifting a finger).

Craving something different? Take advantage of the growing culinary scene in downtown Boise, just minutes away.

Meet the Chef: Joe Bonocore

Chef Joe joined The Terraces of Boise in January 2017. Previously, he served as executive chef at Luciano's Italian Restaurant, where he was instrumental in the restaurant winning two awards for best Italian restaurant in the Treasure Valley. He received his culinary education at Platt Culinary Institute in Oklahoma City.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at The Terraces?

A: Our residents are world-class. They have traveled and lived life to the fullest. They have appreciation for quality food. Each day, I have the freedom to use my culinary talent to bring all world aspects to the food at The Terraces. I enjoy bringing world-class cuisine to world-class residents.

Q: How would you describe your cooking style?

A: I call it bold but familiar. I enjoy taking classic ingredients, ideas and techniques, and putting my twist to them. I use ingredients, techniques and plating most people would never consider.

Q: What’s your favorite item on the menu?

A: The beauty of our menu is that it changes daily. My recent favorite was lobster gnocchi—using Idaho potato and ricotta cheese to make pasta pillows in house with lobster and light lemon cream sauce.

Q: What do you like to cook at home?

A: My cooking at home is usually memories from my childhood: simple Italian dishes influenced by my parents but infused with my own unique perspective.

Q: What’s a tip or technique you use in the kitchen that people may not know about?

A: For this one I will steal a quote from my wife, who is also a chef: “Food whispers and sings. It whispers what it needs and sings when you nail it.” As I come up with a recipe I freeze in the moment and let the food tell me what it wants. Then when I get it right, the plate sings out loud!


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